PTS.SA1 alarm unit


PTS Power Isolation Alarm

Compact and reliable; the PTS.SA1 gives customers the added security of a warning should there ever be a problem with their pump system. Capable of connection from a number of different float types, the alarm system sounds an alarm at high level.

The unit can be fitted with a beacon for the added security of a visual warning as well as an acoustic one.
Combined with volt free contacts from our other types of panels the PTS.SA1 makes a handy remote alarm when the control panel is located in an area not normally accessed for monitoring purposes.

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PTS.SA1 Alarm System

An extremely compact alarm system, the PTS.HLA alarm system is often selected when the alarm needs to be fit within tight cupboard space. This system is often utilised with our Hebefix and Sumo range of pump systems.

Connected by a float to the alarm from the pump system, this alarm system gives peace of mind to the owner of the pump system supplying a warning upon the wastewater reaching high level where it should have been pump away.

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PTS High Level Alarm

High level alarm system designed to isolate the appliance feeding the pump system in the event of alarm. This provides protection to the area as in the event of alarm sounding no more water will be fed into the pump system and will help to prevent localised flooding.

The 13-amp socket allows any domestic appliance to be plugged in including washing machines and dishwashers. The unit comes complete with a 90db sounder and a mute button.

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PTS Power Isolation Alarm

PTS Control Panel

SMS Alarm Reporting System

PTS Solodial

Our control panel is created as a bespoke unit to suit site and pumping system needs. For dual pump systems the panel is arranged to automatically alternate the duty pump after each operation and give automatic follow up of the standby unit, and incorporates a high level alarm. Visual indication, as well as volt free BMS outputs for high level and trip, are supplied as standard.

Both single and triple pump systems are also catered for with panels to suit. PTS Control Panels are bespoke with the potential to include many different functions, including but not exclusive to:

  • Hours Run Meters
  • AMP Meters
  • Anti-Condensation Heater
  • Max Ambient Operating Temperature
  • Power Factor Correction

PTS Control Panel

What do you do if you have a working pump system and you will be away from where it is located; perhaps on holiday for example? Well, with our SMS reporting unit you will have peace of mind as it can send a text to you and other appropriate designated contacts.

  • Sends a message to up to five devices in the event of an alarm from one of the four available inputs.
  • If the receiving phone is a mobile or SMS enabled fixed phone the message will be displayed as text, otherwise BT will convert the text to a spoken message.
  • Comes with volt free contacts to enable connection of up to four devices.
  • Supplied with built in battery back up to ensure continued use in event of a power cut.

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SMS Alarm Reporting

Hardwired message reporting system directly connected to a phone line.

The SoloDial has 1 alarm input that can in turn automatically dial up to 8 separate telephone numbers to play a voice message or send an SMS message.

Offers remote monitoring service for peace of mind when away from the building in which a pump system is housed.

  • Capable of dialling out to 8 different telephone numbers
  • Simple installation, only power supply and a BT socket required
  • Can be connected to any device via a volt free contact relay

For further information and downloads on our Solodial unit:

PTS Solodial