Duplex Packaged Sewage Disposal Units for domestic and commercial use

For several housing units or for commercial buildings such as hotels, pubs or restaurants, not only more power but also more reliability is required.

The Compli 1000 is therefore a duplex unit with two pumps on one tank. These pumps operate alternately, or work together during periods of peak load.

• 115l Tank Capacity
• Optional Main inlet size
• Easy Installation
• Integrated Swing Type check valve
• Polyethylene Tank

For more information on our Compli 1000:

Compli 1000

The Compli 1200, with a tank capacity of 350 l, provides the ideal solution for several housing units, business establishments or hospitals.

It is easy to install and maintain; The inlet at the back can be installed for variable height (560-700 mm) and be swivel-mounted (180°).

• 350l Tank Capacity
• 70mm Free Passage
• Adjustable back inlet
• 2x Inspection covers for quick
and easy maintenance
• Integrated swing Type check

For further information on our Compli 1200:

Compli 1200

Our macerator sewage lifting stations have been specially developed for sewage disposal.

These are often utilised in applications such as temporary toilet facilities, houseboats and weekend cottages. They are also required where you are restricted to pipework 2” in diameter or less or when very high heads are required.

• Dual Pump system alternates cycles
• Built in swing-type check valve
• Numerous inlet connections
• Duplex control panel supplied
• Up to 20m head
• Single and three phase
• Small bore pipework

For more information on the Compli 1000 Multicut:

Compli 1000 Multicut

The Compli 1500 systems have been designed for large industrial and communal wastewater volumes as well as for the connection of streets or other community effluent systems. In order to ensure a practical arrangement, special importance was attached to easy installation.

The submersible unit is permitted for general use in areas subject to flooding without requiring additional outlay. The control unit has to be fitted in a well ventilated flood-proof room.

• 500l Tank Capacity
• Up to 100mm Free Passage
• Max H: 47m
• Max Q: 28l/s

For more information on the Compli 1500:

Compli 1500

For large industrial and municipal wastewater volumes or for the connection of entire streets or shopping centres, an especially large tank capacity is required. With a total volume of 1000 l and correspondingly powerful Multistream pumps, the Compli 2500 is the largest sewage lifting station.

• 1000l Tank Capacity
• Up to 100mm Free Passage
• Max H: 47m
• Max Q: 28l/s

For more information on the Compli 2500:

Compli 2500

The sewage lifting stations are specifically designed for large industrial and municipal wastewater volumes where special safety regulations have to be met, e. g. at underground stations, airports or parking decks.

The stainless steel tank has freely accessible drains and a clamp-type inlet flange for easy installation. The top mounted cleaning opening and the easy replaceability of the pre-mounted pumps also ensure time-saving servicing.

• High-class stainless-steel tank
• 270 to 900 litre storage capacity
• Vortex Impeller
• 80 – 100mm solids handling

For more information on the Compli Stainless Steel:

Compli Stainless Steel