The TRASHMASTER is a dual pump floor standing waste water disposal system. Primarily used in commercial applications where the reliability and reassurance of having a backup pump is required.

The system can be fitted with any of our drainage pumps from our U3K up to our US103 range giving perfect flexibility for your particular application.

High temperature tolerant up to 90 degrees, the Trashmaster system is often installed within commercial kitchens where its reliability is well known.

In the most common configuration, a Trashmaster system comes with 2 pumps, 3 floats, internal pipework, 2 swing type check valves, 1 gate valve and a duty stand by control panel; the Trashmaster tank generally 726 x 726 x 420mm in size.

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We can offer variants in 2 other sizes with or without a partition wall. The partition wall allows for a more economical pump system with automatic pumps rather than the standard and normally recommended dual pump set up.

Where a large capacity is required beyond what our Sumo and Hebefix tanks can offer the Trashmaster can be employed as a single pump system.