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Compli 1000 Update

The Compli 1000 has always been at the forefront of cutting edge packaged sewage disposal units. With six different pump motor types, a wide range of duties can be accommodated… Read more

For different media and areas of use there are several series of submersible pumps available that are safe to run dry. When these are installed in sumps we recommend using our guide tube systems. Our palette of pump products is appropriately supplemented by extensive accessories and control systems, plus various types of tanks that can be installed on or under the floor.


The Simer pump is a robust submersible utility pump for draining basements, pits and other areas with unwanted excess water. The Simer pump removes unwanted water quickly and efficiently, leaving a residual water level of…

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The U2KS is a versatile centrifugal submersible pump for stationary and portable use. EIP technology for better solid handling, integrated flushing device for reducing deposits and optional low level pumping down to 5 mm are only a few…

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Multidrain UV3

The MultiDrain UV 3 is a versatile submersible drainage pump made of stainless steel for portable and stationary use. It pumps rainwater, lightly submersible polluted water and domestic wastewater, e.g. household dishwashers or washing machines (also…

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The U 3 K (S) is an extremely versatile submersible pump for stationary and portable use. EIP technology for safer operation, integrated flushing device for reducing deposits and integrated low level pumping for preventing flooding…

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U 3 K Spezial

The U 3 K (S) Spezial is a special model made from high quality resistant materials. This model is suitable for both stationary and portable use and is also able to handle aggressive media such…

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U 5 K

The U 5 K (S) is a very powerful and versatile submersible pump for both permanent and portable use. Thanks to the removable sieve basket, it is possible to increase the throughput diameter from 10…

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U 6 K

For lift wells, garden fountains, greenhouses, basements, pumpwells and reservoirs. The U 6 K is suitable for stationary and portable use. It can be used as a drainage pump for mildly contaminated waste and ground…

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US 62 – 251

The submersible drainage pumps US 62-251 can be used wherever water with solids up to 10 mm particle size occurs, e.g. in collection sumps for ground water, or in permanent draining systems for clean water,…

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UB 62 – 251

The submersible pumps of this range UB 62-251 can be used wherever rain-, ground-, leak-, drainage- or water with impurity of up to 10 mm particle size occurs. They can also be used for taking…

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US 73 – 253

The submersible drainage pumps US 73-253 are suitable for dealing with contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 30 and 40 mm particle size without stones. Fibrous waste water, as found in laundries…

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US 75 – 155

Submersible drainage pumps for the disposal of contaminated waste water with solids up to 50 mm particle size and fibrous waste water, as found in laundries The US 75 – 155 series submersible drainage pumps…

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US 73 & 103 EX

These pumps are suitable for mounting in collection chambers and pits located in hazardous areas. Hazardous areas are usually designated where the drainage system is fed from areas with vehicles, car parks, garages, tank farms…

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