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Our technical and estimating teams are always happy to assist. We offer free consultation and “bespoke” technical quotations to provide the pumping solution to meet our customers’ requirements.We are available… Read more

A number of solutions tailored to various requirements are available for the disposal of the aggressive wastes produced by modern condensing devices. The K2 is intended for condensates from boilers up to 200 kW and the Hebefix with U3KS is intended for larger boilers or where other waste water sources are also connected.

Hebefix Extra

The Hebefix extra lifting station is an easily installed appliance for disposing of faeces-free wastewater above and below the local back pressure level. Due to the mechanical seal included on the U3KS spezial pump it…

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Hebefix + U3K Spezial

The U 3 K (S) Spezial is a special model made from high quality resistant materials. This model is suitable for both stationary and portable use and is also able to handle aggressive media such…

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Condensate pump K2 is a system that has been specially developed for removing aggressive condensate from modern condensing devices. The materials have been chosen in such a way that the system is also resistant to…

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