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Floor Standing He...

The right Floor standing system for your application. We have different Hebefix solutions to suit: Hebefix Mini This drainage lifting station is the smallest of our Hebefix range (135 x… Read more about Floor Standing He...

This generation of small-scale sewage disposal units is particularly quiet because they do not need a cutting system. Large volumes of fluid are transported using a vortex impeller. These units are ready-to-connect and start up automatically as soon as the flush is operated.

Compli 300 E

The Compli 300E is the smallest sewage lifting station of our Compli series. It has been designed for the disposal of sewage from housing units like basement dwellings. The Compli 300E is all-purposed, due to…

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Compli 400

The compli 400 has been specifically designed for the disposal of sewage from single dwellings. For easy access and service it is installed on the ground of a basement or in an accessible sump. The…

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Compli 500

The compli 500 has been designed specifically for the disposal of sewage from single dwellings with continued sewage water inlet and for a larger tank volume. It is also extremely easy to handle and installation…

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Compli 1000

The compli 1000 is one of our series of duplex package sewage disposal units. It should be installed where additional security for sewage disposal is demanded. In certain cases the Local Authority will insist on…

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Compli 1200

The compli 1200 is provided with a large tank and has specifically been designed for the disposal of sewage from flats and industrial plants where sewage flow is continuous. For ease of installation the unit…

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Compli Multicut

The sewage lifting stations compli 100, compli 500 and compli 1000 with MultiCut cutting system are used especially for disposal in special objects, such as weekend cottages, houseboats, toilets in production halls or mobile sanitary facilities.

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Compli 1500 / 2500

The units compli 1500 and 2500 have been designed for the disposal of sewage from industrial, public and semi-public buildings, apartment blocks, flats, etc. for an uncontrolled effluent flow and specially where a safety factor…

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Stainless Steel Compli

The sewage lifting stations Compli 1200, 1400 and 1600 have been designed for use in multi-family houses and in industrial and communal areas with a large volume of wastewater, where special safety regulations have to…

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