Sewage Lifting Stations

With the WCfix 260 it is possible to install an additional WC or an additional bathroom almost anywhere within the context of renovation or conversion works. When installed below the backup level, the device also provides anti-flooding protection.

The compact design of this pumping system for restricted use allows the direct connection of a standing toilet with a minimum flush volume of 6 l.

The pumping is carried out particularly quietly by the flow-optimized open centrifugal impeller. Due to this design, regular cleaning is not necessary and servicing works are significantly reduced.

Due to the restricted use, the installation is only permitted if the number of users is small and an additional WC above the backup level is available to them. A washbasin, a shower and a bidet can also be connected in the same room. According to EN 12050 part 3, further drainage facilities such as washing machines or bath-tubs may not be connected. We recommend the additional connection of a Hebefix sump. For entire apartments a Compli pumping system should be used.

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One unit for all applications! Whether hidden behind a modern front-wall system or connected directly to a floor-standing toilet: With the WCFIX plus, all types of connection can be made with perfect ease. And it goes without saying that all of the necessary installation accessories are provided.

Despite the reliable wastewater hydraulics, if the unit is not used according to the instructions (e.g. if hygiene articles are disposed of), then blockages may still occur. This problem can be dealt with very quickly, however, since the integrated pump is particularly easy to disassemble.

Four different inlet openings provide flexible connection options. This means that a shower, a washbasin, a bidet and a toilet can be connected without any problems. And all of them can be connected at the same time if you like!

  • Can be installed directly behind or to the side of the WC.
  • Built in alarm system.
  • Ideal for use with a WC, wash hand basin and shower.
  • Integrated non return valve
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Low level additional inlets

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WCFix Plus