This range of submersible drainage pumps provide reliable solutions for all types of faecal free waste water. This particular range of pumps are characterised by their comparative high flow rates- perfect for delivering surface water and other wastewater with low solid content. The US62- 251 range is suitable for portable or stationary use and can be guide rail mounted for deep sumps.

• 10mm solids handling
• Controllable oil chamber
• Wear resistant silicon carbide
mechanical seal
• Maximum head 16.5 metres

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All pumps in this range are suitable for pumping contaminated waste water from domestic and commercial applications involving sinks, washing machines, wash hand basins and surface water. This range of US pumps can be characterised for their 30 to 40mm solids handling making them a perfect choice for wastewater with high solid content such as in commercial kitchens.

• 30-40mm solids handling
• Replaceable moisture sealed
cable inlet
• Maximum flow rate 11 litres per
• Powerful open centrifugal impeller

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Our  US 73-103 Ex are explosion proof US pumps.

These are often used in hazardous areas with potential oil and petrol spillage into the system, such as car parks and garages.

• 30mm solids handling
• Ex Rated
• Controllable oil chamber
• SiC mechanical Seal

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US73-103 Ex

This range of pumps are characterised by being able to deliver foul water, mostly from small domestic properties. With 50mm solids handling they can reliably deliver both waste water and foul.

• 50mm solids handling
• Integrated winding thermostats to
protect the motor from overload
• Safe to run dry
• Seal leak control
can be connected

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US 75-155