Floor standing Packaged Sewage Disposal Units for domestic and commercial use.

The Compli 100 is part of our Multicut Series of Macerator pumps.

Our macerator sewage lifting stations have been specially developed for sewage disposal. These are often utilised in applications such as temporary toilet facilities, houseboats and weekend cottages. They are also required where you are restricted to pipework 2” in diameter or less or when very high heads are required.

• Versatile connection options
• Compact size
• High Delivery Head

For more information on our Compli 100:

Compli 100

This sewage lifting station is one of the smallest in our Compli range. It has been specifically designed for the disposal of sewage from housing units such as basement dwellings. Due to its extremely compact tank dimensions and the numerous connection options, it is very versatile.

• 50l Tank Capacity
• 50mm Free Passage
• Lightweight
• Ready to connect

For more information on our Compli 300:

Compli 300

Easy to operate, space-saving assembly, easy installation – it is no coincidence that the Compli 400 is already an inherent part of the wastewater disposal system in more and more single-family houses.

Even in flood-prone areas this floodable system continues to dispose of domestic wastewater reliably and around the clock.

• 64l Tank Capacity
• 70mm Free Passage
• Height adjustable clamp flange

For more information on the Compli 400:

Compli 400

For larger wastewater flows, the Compli 500 ensures reliable disposal with a larger tank capacity (115 l). As for all compli systems, the user-friendly controls guarantee dependable operation.

Different motor ratings are available to suit the particular performance requirements.

• 115l Tank Capacity
• Various motors available
• Versatile connection facilities

For more information on the Compli 500:

Compli 500