We are the exclusive provider of Compli units as used by Thames Water in AMP7 for the FLIP (Flooding Local Improvement Project)

Official Framework Providers

We are pleased to announce that having achieved an excellent score in the AMP 7 procurement procedure we have now been awarded the Framework Agreement FA1480 Lot 1 and will continue to supply our PTS/Jung Compli units and spare parts for FLIP applications for at least the next 5 years.

Having once again met the criteria and high standards demanded by Thames Water both for the products we supply and the way we conduct ourselves, we are delighted that our partnership with Thames Water has been extended until at least 10th March 2026

Pump Technical Services Limited are the mandatory supplier for FLIP units to Thames Water, only we can provide these units.

Read more about our appointment in Water Briefing here:

Thames Water award 7m AMP7 Contract

Our experience working with Thames Water and offering the correct pumping solutions for the FLIP may be of benefit to you. Contact our Sales Department to see how we can help.


Pump Technical Services Ltd first became involved with the FLIP project in 1996. Thames Water setup a dedicated design team to test and evaluate reliable and cost effective methods of flood prevention from surcharged sewers.

A Compli 400 unit was selected for testing as PTS-Jung had already supplied a large number of these to the private sector, for this very purpose. In December 1996, the Thames Water research team visited our factory in Germany to assess the production and quality control measures in place. They were very impressed with what they saw and so intensive testing began in February 1997. The Compli unit, along with a range of competitors equipment was installed in a purpose made test rig that diverted a steady inflow of unscreened sewage directly from the incoming sewer into the treatment works. The units were all connected to an outgoing manifold that simulated a surcharged gravity sewer.

Of all the units on test, only our PTS-Jung Compli unit passed with flying colours and proved capable of both handling unscreened raw sewage and overcoming the discharge pressure in the simulated surcharged sewer. The equipment remained on constant test for over a year. As a result of the Compli’s success these units became the equipment of choice for Thames Water and field trials were then undertaken in South West London. These trials also proved successful and by the spring of 1999 40 units had been installed. By spring 2000 this had increased to 400 units and now exceeds well over 2000 to Thames Water alone.

Other Water Companies such as Southern Water, Welsh Water and Wessex Water have followed Thames Water’s initiative and are currently running similar projects involving several hundred more units. In 2013 Pump Technical Services Ltd applied to formalise its status as official FLIP unit provider to Thames Water through the AMP6 period under the Framework Agreement FA1169.

Having once again proven excellent value for money, superb quality, and the best local solution to surcharging sewers, we at PTS/Jung were selected under FA1480 to be the official supplier of FLIP anti-flooding pump systems throughout the entirety of AMP7.




Scope of Supply

The majority of the units being our Compli 1010/4BWE single phase twin pump units, that are ideal for the protection of single occupancy/smaller properties with the Compli 1210/4BWE being utilised on larger/higher populated properties.

Compli 1000




The Compli 1200 is essentially the same unit as the 1000 but with a larger capacity tank for additional storage and increased run/rest S3 ratio ideally suited to higher demand installations. Both variants can also be supplied with a range of three phase pumps providing both increased head and flow rates.

Compli 1200




We have also supplied Thames Water with Compli 1500 units for much larger FLIP applications where a single system was required to protect multiple properties.

Compli 1500 / 2500