The FOULMASTER is a bespoke below ground GRP wet well station, designed to deliver wastewater from below the gravity sewer level. Available in numerous diameters, depths and shapes; the chambers are all manufactured to your specific site requirements. The inlets, outlets, vents and cable duct are cut where you require them.

The FOULMASTER is suitable for use in grey water, storm water and foul water applications. Also, due to the flexibility of the chamber sizing, these pump systems can be purpose built to fit any submersible pump from within our range.

Scope of supply:

• GRP Moulded tank sized to site requirements
• Pumps for a single, dual or triple system
• 230 or 415 volt power supply
• Internal pipework in corrosion proof class E uPVC pressurised pipework as standard; other materials available.
• Swing Type check valves and gate valves included within internal manifold.
• Guide Rail mounted as standard;
free standing an option.

Scope of supply:

• Manhole Covers supplied to site specifications: recessed, pedestrian rated, heavy vehicle loading etc.
• Float control system supplied as standard; other control systems available upon request.
• Control Panel included as part of the package.
• Standard diameters are 750, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 & 2500mm. Other diameters
available on request.

Some Variations on our standard
vertical cylindrical tank are:

• Horizontal: Often supplied where large amounts of storage are required. We can provide turrets to ensure that tank space is not wasted above the invert and sumps so that optimal pump operation occurs without causing septicity.
• Sectional: Supplied where access is too small for the chamber to fit. We can provide the chamber in sections to be assembled on site.

From Selection to Operation:

  • Our Technical Sales and Estimating department will take your enquiry and ensure the correct system and pumps are selected to suit your requirements.
  • Our Contracts department will liaise with you throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the chamber is as you require and keep you informed of production process and delivery.
  • Once you have installed the chamber in the ground our engineers can attend site to undertake the installation and commissioning of the pump system to ensure it is operating correctly.

Find further information and downloads on our Foulmaster here:

Foulmaster – Bespoke GRP Pumping system