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Compli 1500 / 2500
The units compli 1500 and 2500 have been designed for the disposal of sewage from industrial, public and semi-public buildings, apartment blocks, flats, etc. for an uncontrolled effluent flow and specially where a safety factor must be provided. The entire unit is damp- and flood proof and thus ideally suited to placing in unventilated areas or basements subject to accidental flooding. 


The control panel must be installed in a dry, ventilated position safe from flooding. Maintenance is extremely simple; the tank has 2 top mounted inspection/cleaning apertures and, if necessary, the pumps can be removed/replaced in minutes and without disturbing the tank assembly.



Max Head:


Max Flow Rate:

28 l/s

Max Solids Handling:


Discharge Size:

3" or 4"

Power Supply:

415 volt


  • Large storage capacity
  • Polyehtelene tank
  • Selectable inlet position