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The MultiDrain UV 3 is a versatile submersible drainage pump made of stainless steel for portable and stationary use. It pumps rainwater, lightly submersible polluted water and domestic wastewater, e.g. household dishwashers or washing machines (also high temperature). An easy-to-activate flushing device to reduce deposits in the pump sump ensures trouble-free operation and facilitates maintenance.

Motor jacket cooling ensures submerged operation without the risk of overheating. In case of dry running, the thermal motor protection switches off the pump before reaching a critical temperature. These protective measures, plus the swing-type check valve and a hose connection included in the scope of delivery, make the MultiDrain UV 3 a perfect pump for mobile applications.

In stationary use, the MultiDrain UV 3S with automatic switch removes water from drainage shafts in cellars, washing basements or storage rooms and serves as a backflow protection. If the shaft or container should runs dry temporarily, air cushions can escape through the ventilation opening. When the strainer base is removed, the pump removes the water down to a level of 5 mm.

The MultiDrain UV 3 SF version is ideal for use in narrow pump shafts (from Ø 22 cm) thanks to its new close-fitting floats.



Max Head:


Max Flow Rate:

1.9 l/s

Max Solids Handling:


Discharge Size:

1 1/4"

Power Supply:

230 volt


  • High Quality Stainless Steel
  • Cooling Jacket for motor housing
  • Can handle 70 degrees Celsius for intermittent use