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The improved packaged sewage disposal unit.

The ready-to-plug-in Improved Compli 400 Floor Standing Packaged Sewage Disposal unit for draining your house, office toilets and many other applications.

It offers you convenient handling, easy assembly and space-saving installation. Equipped with a non-return valve, it can even be used in areas at risk of flooding. In addition toilets, it reliably disposes of other drainage objects in your home or offices.

You can connect further drainage objects such as sinks, showers or washbasins to the additional inlets. The connection options are both from above and from the side; you can choose between DN 50 and DN 100. You can also connect a retrofitted floor-standing WC in accordance with the Euro standard thanks to the continuously adjustable inlet socket, without having to dig a floor pit. With the adapter ring included in the scope of delivery, you can also design the pressure pipe in DN 80 or, as usual, in DN 100 using the elastic connection.

The integrated hydraulics in combination with the two cast iron rings continue to give the new Compli 400 a great deal of stability and smooth running. Nevertheless, it is lighter than its predecessors and thus easier to handle at the installation site. The additional connection option for another high-water alarm (optional) offers you even more safety. The clogging-resistant free-flow hydraulics with its large The free-flow hydraulics with their large free passage provide flow rates of up to 13.5 litres per second and ensure reliable drainage of single-family houses.