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The right Floor standing system for your application. We have different Hebefix solutions to suit: Hebefix Mini This drainage lifting station is the smallest of our Hebefix range (135 x… Read more about Floor Standing He...

The Foulpac is a dry well mounted pumping station designed to deliver large incoming flow rates.

Being a floor standing station, the Foulpac alleviates the need for costly civil and groundwork.

The Foulpac is a bespoke system and is available with either a GRP or stainless-steel tank.

It is designed for large capacities with a purpose-built tank size to suit specific site conditions.

A large range of pumps are available to suit different required duties with both dual and triple pump systems available.

Available as a sectional tank that can be assembled on site, our Foulpac system is often the perfect choice for basement/plantroom configuration where a foul system or rain attenuation system are located.

We can also provide the pump manifold on its own for connection onto an existing tank. Our Contracts department will ensure that this process runs smoothly and that the connections work perfectly to suit site conditions.

Contact our Sales and estimating department to discuss how the Foulpac may be perfect for you.