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MultiDrain UV600

The centrifugal submersible drainage pumps Mulitdrain UV 600 have been developed for drainage applications where high delivery heads are required.

All kind of drainage / greywater with solids up to 10 mm can be disposed from large depths. Shopping centers, high-rise buildings, undergrounds stations and other buildings with deep basements are the right environment for the UV 600 pumps. In addition to a fix sump installation these pumps can also be used for mobile applications.

The pressure pipe can be connected either to the vertical or the horizontal discharge. The horizontal one is suitable for sump installations with a guide rail system (GR 50). For mobile applications or in narrow sumps the connection to the vertical discharge port is recommended.



Max Head:


Max Flow Rate:


Max Solids Handling:


Discharge Size:


Power Supply:

230v / 415v


  • Optional Discharge Connections
  • Motor Cooling
  • Automatic Self Ventilation

3D Model

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