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US 73 & 103 HES

For fibrous waste water, as found in laundries or automatic launderettes and waste water from domestic dishwashers and washing machines. 

The heavy duty submersible drainage pumps US73 and 103 HE/HES are suitable for dealing with very contaminated water and capable of handling solids up to 30mm particle size without stones. These pumps can be used wherever wastewater up to 90 degrees Celsius is involved, such as laundries or automatic launderettes, or in industrial dishwashers and washing machines or for the emergency overflow of heating systems. If you’re looking for a complete package system why not use with our Hebefix 100/H or Sumo tanks.



Max Head:


Max Flow Rate:

7.8 l/s

Max Solids Handling:


Discharge Size:

1 1/2"

Power Supply:

230 volt


  • Hot Water up to 90 celcius
  • Controllable oil chamber
  • Replaceable moisture sealed cable inlet