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The system of choice for Public Health Engineers

Our Sumo system is the go to choice for Public Health Engineers and Architects when a reliable and versatile floor standing pump system is required.

The SUMO consists of a white durable tank manufactured from a polyester resin and glassfibre laminate, incorporating a bolt-down lid. The unit is pigmented throughout and is finished with an externally smooth isophthalic polyester gel coat and resin enriched lining. The tank has a 32mm or 40mm discharge outlet with the inlet and vent to be cut on site. The unit is complete with a Minivent internal carbon vent system for when you can’t vent to atmosphere.

The Sumo is a floor standing single pump system that is perfect for the disposal of wastewater from Tea Points, wash hand basins, commercial sinks, dishwashers and glass washers amongst other appliances.

The Sumo is very popular in the commercial sector; with its suitability for high temperature waste water up to 90 degrees Celsius, combined with its ability to handle solids up to 30mm. Its compact size also mean it can be hidden away in a cupboard or similar to keep the aesthetic of the area. These characteristics make the Sumo perfect for food preparation areas with commercial dishwashers.

Features include:

Easy installation
Compact size
300mm Floor to centre discharge height
Up to 30mm solids handling capacity
32mm or 40mm outlets
Carbon Vent system
Brass Swing Type Check Valve
Optional: High level alarm
Optional: Low level float

Learn more about how our Sumo system can benefit you by calling or e-mailing our sales team, or go here for more information and downloads: Sumo System