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Plancofix Plus

Plancofix Plus is a floor drainage pump that allows barrier-free or low entry showers to be fitted even where the lack of a gravity drain ruled out this option in the past. Set into the screed, the Plancofix Plus forms the floor drain in tiled showers. The incoming water is pumped to the nearest downpipe through a 1 inch pressure pipe. The Plancofix Plus has a smaller motor than the original Plancofix which allows a lower installation depth of 8 cm or 9 cm incl. insulation tray.

The Plancofix Plus is not a lifting station as defined by DIN EN 12050-2, The inflow from the shower can enter either directly from above through the floor drain, or from the side through a connecting branch. The installation depth is 8 cm. 




Max Head:


Max Flow Rate:

0.42 l/s